Writing Testimonials

"Thanks for your hard work, the article looks great!"

"Looks Great! Thanks!"

"Very good article. Well written and to the point. Good job!" -Bob

"Upbeat and entertaining blog post. She did everything we asked!"

"I would like to work with you again. You followed instructions and allowed your own voice to shine even when writing for a client. Thank you!"

"Excellent Job Wendy! LOL, I LOVE your style & tone. How busy do you want to be? I've got a lot more, where that came from!" - Chaz

"Excellent job! Very well written & fun to read!"


"Thanks so much, it looks perfect. :)"

"Thanks very much! I appreciate the links to specific products on Amazon. If you have additional time, I would like to send more direct orders your way. In the next order I may want to get into more detail with one product which I am sure you would be able to provide content for. Thanks again!" -Steve

User Testing Testimonials

"Thank you for your feedback! You are probably one of the best testers we have had all year. Love your honesty and suggestions. A lot of your answers were on the website but I think we need to do a better job at getting visitors to it. I would love to have you come back for some more user testing."

"Top notch articulation of thoughts and feelings"

"Thank you for your thorough, thoughtful and beneficial feedback on the Support Site experience you worked through."

"Very thorough and good at explaining thoughts / feelings"

"Very clear with answers, was super open minded and went beyond just answering our questions."

"Answered all of the questions in great detail and gave great reasons as to why she liked or disliked certain areas of the page. Great user, thank you!"

"Really honest feedback"

"Great tester! Has great opinions and clearly explains those opinions throughout the user test. She's the type of user that I enjoy digging information out of."

"Gave great open and honest feedback. Very thoughtful and through voicing of ideas, thoughts and feelings"

"Insightful, succinct and honest feedback. This opened our eyes to some opportunities to improve the app and also the comments reinforced our confidence that some planned pipeline features are going to hit the spot. I look forward to hopefully requesting her again as we progress with app development."