These are the services I currently offer. If you're interested in a service that is not listed here, feel free to send me an email to inquire whether I offer it. 


  • Blog posts: I can write posts* of varying lengths for your blog. These will be tailored to your specific business and can include keywords and royalty-free images. Whether you need a one-time guest post, or an ongoing weekly or monthly post** that is ghostwritten, I can provide you with the knowledgeable, informative, and interesting posts that will attract potential clients. 
  • Web copy: Blog posts are great for bringing current events, changes in laws, rules and pricing, or starting an informal conversation with clients and potential clients. Web copy, on the other hand, is longer content that tends to be evergreen. Evergreen content is content that doesn't often change, but is very useful to visitors to your site. This kind of content is, for example, information about a community's amenities for a real estate agent or details about a particular area of practice for an attorney. 
  • User testing: I will go over your site and detail for you the areas where I, as a potential client, would either be drawn in and want to contact you or be deterred and move on to the next website. I will also detail how I can help you improve those areas (when they apply to writing). This will help you see where you may want or need to improve or increase content or talk to your web developer about speeding the site up or making design changes. 

Prices are dependent upon project size. I do have several packages available, providing you with a set amount of blog posts, web copy, or pages tested. When you're ready to discuss your project, we can decide which package fits your needs or create a custom package specifically for you.

*All posts written for same blog/business.

**Written as needed or as part of a package. Client posts to their blog/website as desired after delivery.

Additional Information and Terms

I require a down payment of 20-50%, depending on the size of the project. After initial down payment, remainder of payment can be either per milestone as outlined in project proposal or upon project completion, as decided during initial discussion of your project. 

There is a 10% management fee to cover the costs of phone calls, Skyping, email, editing, minimal research and other tasks needed to complete your project. This fee may be waived for smaller projects.

There is a 25% upcharge for a rush job, due at time of down payment. 

If you want keywords or phrases, links or specific references included, those need to be provided before I begin your project. 

I do not change course mid-project without an amended agreement in writing. 

Monday through Friday, I respond to all emails within 24 hours. On weekends, I will respond by late Monday afternoon. If I am on vacation, you will receive an automated email response informing you of my return date. You may choose to wait or not, but I will still respond to your email when I return. 

Client does not own copyright to any photos, illustrations, articles, etc. unless specifically indicated otherwise. If you want the copyright transferred to you, please mention that during the initial project discussion so we can discuss the fee for that.